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Are you fluent in both Spanish and English? To be a decent translator, you must be able to read and write in the languages too. Still, being able to understand and respond in both languages is an excellent first step. As it’s one of the skills trainee-translators have to learn in college or a training program.

How To Find Spanish To English Translator Jobs

If you’re truly interested in pursuing a job as a translator, it’s likely you’re going to want to know some of your options as far as careers and jobs in the field go. This list should be able to fill you in on some ways you can make yourself of use in the field.

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translator spanish to english jobs#1: Being A Spanish To English/ English To Spanish Receptionist

Having a technical degree, or at least a certificate in office 365, will help you get hired and advance in your career as a receptionist. As receptionist are often responsible for computer-work now-a-days. Many love the idea of this career because the employment options are endless. Receptionists can work for law firms, doctor’s offices and businesses.

#2: Spanish Medical Translator

Hospitals aren’t simply assigning the task of answering the phone to translators. They also need them to translate legal documents, patient files and other tid-bits of information that may come to them in English or Spanish. Spanish Medical Translators may also be responsible for translating speech from a Spanish-Speaking patient.

#3: English To Spanish: Spanish To English Content Writer

This job can be done through any web browser. Making it convenient for even the busiest of moms. Content sites will pay Bi-lingual, Spanish and English speakers top dollar to translate their articles and documents into another language.

#4: ESL Teacher

To teach English as a second language, you must be fluent enough in both languages to go back and forth with ease between the two. Public schools have strict standards. They will also require you to have a teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree. It’s best not to go into teaching if you dislike children. If that isn’t an issue, it’s a great field to consider when you’re bilingual. Especially if there are a lot of first-generation Hispanics in your area.

#5: Construction Crew Translator

So you don’t need the comfort of an air-conditioned office? You may be of more use, and make more money, as a translator for a construction crew. Many workers on those teams haven’t fully mastered the English language yet. Sometimes interpreters are necessary, and extremely helpful, on sites with Spanish-only and English-only workers.

Marketing Your Spanish Interpreter Jobs Skills

Be sure to explore your options. These are just five of the jobs you can claim by having a useful skill like yours. Really, being able to speak two languages can help you stand out from the other applicants in any profession. The world is becoming a global and increasingly smaller place. This skill will always be in demand. Therefore, so will you. As long as you keep developing it.

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